Untireable problem solvers

We love building great products that can have a positive impact on our world. We like doing things well as we want to feel proud of every project. Otherwise... what is the point?

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  • Quality

    We are focussed to build amazing user experiences and writing high-quality code. You know… you don’t want to look at an ugly code in the future and realise that it was written by you… 🤦

Open Source creators and lovers

We use the best open-source technologies used and built by companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Netflix.

We also create open source software and give back to the community.

It's all about more than software

We love new technologies, specially Industry 4.0 enablers, in particular 3D printing. We are developing software solutions to improve manufacturing processes and enable mass customization.

One of our offices is located in the 3D Factory Incubator, where we are developing projects like.


Making mass personalization easier.

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Custom Corporate Cases

Creating custom phone cases for companies.

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Tailor made bicycles using 3D printing.

Coming soon...

  • People is a workshop assembling a 3D printed bicycle
  • User testing an app in an iPad
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