Founders Intelligence

Founders Intelligence is a strategy consulting firm that leverages the knowledge and experience of their team, who successfully founded and grew companies, to help their clients. They needed a site that was able to communicate their message clearly and convey the dynamism of their team and processes.

Different techniques were used to achieve this result.

Each page had its color scheme. The cohesiveness was achieved throughout the use of geometric elements across the website. This helps the user understand that it is looking at different content while staying on the same site.

Animations were used in the site when changing between sections and when displaying the content. This helps to present the content to the user on a specified order to deliver a specific message.

The site blog section pulls its information from the client's page in and articles are linked to their corresponding page.

This way the client doesn't have to duplicate the effort when publishing content.

The careers section uses the client's HR platform to obtain open vacancies at the moment.

All the content on the site can easily be customized by the client. Text, logos, colors, etc. all can be changed from the CMS.

The site is built using a JAMStack, a modern web framework focused on speed, scalability, and security.


Framework: GatsbyJS + React

CMS: Prismic

Other content sources:, Bamboo HR.

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